Veni application

The Female Talent Committee has initiated a procedure enabling female scholarly talents to be exempted for fifty percent during a period of six months (for example from educational activities), in order to prepare a Veni application. The scholarships are financed from the Aspasia funds acquired by Elly Konijn, Iina Hellsten and Eva Maria Merz.

The scholarship consists of a maximum amount of € 12,500 as a means to expand research time allocation by 0.6 fte to a maximum of 0.9 fte for 6 months.

The WVT selects candidates and presents them to the faculty research committee for advice. In February, applicants will be informed whether their application has been honored. In this way, candidates can start writing their proposal before the summer in order to realize an optimal result for their final NWO grant application.

In 2014, the fair was made available to Jolanda Veldhuis, in 2013 to Naná de Graaff en Annemarie Walter.