Previous scholarships and initiatives

Jenny Gierveld Fellowship

Supporting a WVT initiative, the faculty board set up the Jenny Gierveld Fellowship in 2010. This fellowship gives a talented female Assistant Professor a two-year appointment to Associate Professor, so that she can more strongly present herself in teaching and research. The fellowship is named after emeritus professor Jenny Gierveld, who championed better positions for women in science, and who with her impressive scientific track record was a source of inspiration for other female scientists.

Support Veni applications

The WVT encourages female scholars in the Faculty of Social Sciences to submit a Veni application. Since 2012, the WVT supports a procedure that enables female scientific talent to be exempted for fifty percent for a period of six months, for example from educational responsibilities, in order to prepare a Veni application.

Mentor Programme

The WVT cooperates with the mentor project of the Center for Career and Development. In this project experienced professors are linked to talented postdocs, UDs or UHDs, who are still finding their way in the scientific world.

Talent to the top

How do women obtain a higher position at the university? The WVT has organized various workshops and events on how to reach to top in academia. This theme is still highly relevant for the WVT and through other initiatives and grants still aims to support women in academia, such as the Wilhelmina Drucker Awards.