Wilhelmina Drucker Awards


The Wilhelmina Drucker Awards are initiated by the Werkgroep Vrouwelijk Talent, aiming for strengthening young female talent within FSS. In December 2015, the Wilhelmina Drucker Awards were awarded for the first time. The Wilhelmina Drucker Awards are available for talented female master students (or recent graduates), PhD students and junior researchers.

The awards are named after Wilhelmina Drucker (1847 - 1925), a Dutch politician and one of the first Dutch feminists. With various initiatives such as the weekly magazine 'De Vrouw', 'The Free Women Association' and the 'Society for Women's Suffrage', Wilhelmina Drucker committed herself to women's emancipation and women's rights. Her various initiatives laid the foundation for later movements aimed at women's emancipation, for example the feminist movement 'Dolle Mina' refers to the Wilhelmina Drucker’s nickname (iron Mina).

With the introduction of the Wilhelmina Drucker Awards, the WVT hopes to offer young female talents a better chance on having a successful academic career.

Three categories

  • Wilhelmina Drucker Student Talent Award: intended for talented female master students (can be recently graduated)
  • Wilhelmina Drucker PhD Talent Award: intended for female PhD students within the faculty
  • Wilhelmina Drucker Career Award: intended for female researchers in the faculty to apply for ‘personal grant coaching’ in support of a research proposal.

Winners 2020

In 2020 the WVT awarded the Wilhelmina Drucker Career Award to:
Loes Aaldering (public Administration and political Science)

Winners 2018/2019

In 2018 and 2019 the WVT awarded the Wilhelmina Drucker Career Award to:

Winners 2017

The WVT awarded the Wilhelmina Drucker Awards to six talented young researchers in 2017:

  • Student Talent: Ellen Droog (Communication Science)
  • Early Career - januari 2017: Evelyn Ersanilli (Sociology), Marijn Hoijtink (Public Administration and Political Science), Christine Moser (Organization Science)
  • Career Award - juli 2017: Eva-Maria Merz (Sociology), Marii Paskov (Sociology)

Winners 2015

In December 2015, a total of ten Wilhelmina Drucker Awards were granted: The Wilhelmina Drucker Student Talent Award was granted four times and the Wilhelmina Drucker PhD-Talent Award and the Wilhelmina Drucker Early Career Award were both granted three times.