Dr. Mijke de Waardt

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  • Kamernr:z-126
  • E-mail:m.f.de.waardt@vu.nl
  • Onderdeel:faculteit der sociale wetenschappen (afd. sociale en culturele antropologie)
  • Functie:Assistant professor/ Universitair docent

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Promotiefilmpje Master Antropologie



  • Peru
  • Civil war
  • Post-conflict
  • Transitional justice
  • Internally displaced people
  • Victim associations
  • Memory
  • Reconciliation
  • Reparation


Bachelorwerkgroep CAO (BSc CAO 1e jr)
Cultuur, macht en diversiteit, werkcollege (BSc CAO 1e jr)
Bachelorwerkgroep CAO 2 (BSc CAO 2e jr)
Bachelorpaper Antropologie (BSc CAO 1e jr)
Ethnographic Monographs (BSc CAO 2e jr)

Mijke is chair of the OLA (the Latin Americanist Ph.D. network), a forum for Ph.D. candidates of diverse disciplines and Dutch universities who do research in Latin America


Identity construction of organizations of victims of political violence in Peru. 

During the Peruvian internal war (1980-2000) different victim associations began to emerge. After the political conflict the amount of associations excessively increased, especially during the research of the Peruvian Truth and Reconciliation Commission between 2001 and 2003, and after the approval of the Peruvian victim law (2005). Now, more then 200 associations are active as representatives of victims. This research is about the social conditions that shape victimhood in post-conflict Peru. I will look at how external relations of Peruvian victim associations affect the ways victimhood is collectively constructed and employed. How is victimhood constructed and used by both members of the associations themselves and by non-governmental and governmental organizations? How do members of these organizations respond to and give meaning to their experiences by participating in an organization? How, on the other hand, do non- and governmental organizations facilitate or control the conditions under which the identity construction processes take place? Additionally, the strategic ‘uses’ of the identifications by both the NGOs and the victims will be addressed.


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