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Information Society

The exchange of information via the internet has become deeply embedded in society. VU University anthropologists, communication scientists and sociologists therefore research people’s online behavior in the acts of gaming, blogging, Twitter, the development of virtual assistance and the role of the internet in migration processes.

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Societal Resilience> Looking further
Societal Resilience

The concept of ‘societal resilience’ refers to responses and strategies at the individual, group, institutional and societal level, that are innovative and effective and that contribute to ‘a better world’.The research programme on ‘societal resilience’ aims to improve our understanding of the fundamental problems societies are facing and how to address them by societal organizations and public organizations.

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Alumni> Looking further

Marieke Veeger studied Culture, Organization and Management and works as a Junior advisor in organisation development for the Bolivian NGO AIPE in La Paz. Marieke analyzes the organization, scrutinizes changes and structures, and gives advice on how things could be better run. The intercultural perspective, which is dealt with in various courses on the programme, is something she continuously needs to keep in mind.

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Anthropology of Children and Youth Network> Looking further
Anthropology of Children and Youth Network

The Anthropology of Children and Youth Network brings together academics and practitioners engaged in research and work with children. The Working Group promotes child-oriented theory, methodology, and research ethics. Besides, it serves as a platform for academic research and it enhances dialogue with practitioners.

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