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Dr. J.M.M.L. van Wijk

  • Telephone:+31 20 59 86768
  • Room nr:z-129
  • E-mail:j.m.m.l.wijk@vu.nl
  • Unit:faculteit der sociale wetenschappen (afd. sociale en culturele antropologie)
  • Position:PhD Candidate

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  • gender
  • violence
  • drug use
  • prostitution

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PhD Project

Domestic Violence in a Mexican Tourist Area: a Study of Masculinities, Violence and Substance Abuse in an Era of Social Transformations

The Mexican towns of Playa del Carmen and Cancun have become booming tourist resorts; resulting in drastic transformations of social life and gender relations. Domestic violence is frequently occurring. The research concentrates on men as perpetrators of violence against women in the domestic sphere; it uncovers the role of violence within masculinity discourses and practices. The research shows how domestic violence is connected with social inequality and other forms of violence, and addresses how substance abuse is related to violence. The informants of this research had to adapt to their own violent surroundings, violence became normalized and reproduced. The hegemony of a dominant, ‘macho’ performance of masculinity legitimizes their violent behavior. Recently, government policies aiming to protect women from violence, while in ways ineffective, are starting to create awareness that violence against women is not normal, and an increasing number of women file reports with the police. These policies do not address the context in which hegemonic masculinity is produced. The measures taken to curb male violence against women are repressive, and little attention is given to how men could ‘do masculinity’ without using violence.   


  • Articles

    (Forthcoming) ‘The Normalization of violence within the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Discourse in Cancun, Mexico.’ In: Lee, J. Addiction and Obsession. New York: Cambria Press   (2011) ‘The Human Rights Discourse and Disempowerment of Indigenous Migrant Men in Mexico.’ In: Vysma, M. and M. Tankink (eds.) Roads and Boundaries: Travels in search of (re-)connection   (2007) ‘Making Sense of a Murder in Mexico.’ In: Medische Antropologie 19 (1) pp 79-95  (2006) ‘Romance Tourism on Ambergris Caye, Belize. The Entanglement of Love and Prostitution.’ In: Etnofoor 19(1) pp 71-89  (2004) ‘Sun Sea and Sharks. Male and Female Prostitution on Ambergris Caye Belize.’ In: Lova: Tijdschrift voor Feministische Antropologie 25 (2). pp. 32-48   Book  (2006) Sun, Sea and Sharks; Prostitution, Tourism and Gender in Ambergris Caye, Belize. Amsterdam: Vrije Universiteit  Review(2009) Bulletin of Latin American Research 28 (4) pp 33-34, Review of Hautzinger, S.J. 2007. ‘Violence in the City of Women: Police and Batterers in Bahia, Brazil.’ Berkeley: University of California Press.  (2006) Medische Antropologie 18 (2), pp 458-460. Review of Tanya Telfair Sharpe, ‘Behind the Eight Ball; Sex for Crack Cocaine Exchange.’ New York: The Haworth Press 2005 

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