16th of September 2015

Phd defense Margot Leegwater

Date: 16 September 2015
Time: 15.45 p.m.
Location: Aula VU Universtiy

Title: Sharing Scarcity: Land Issues and Social Relations in Southeast Rwanda

Promotor: Prof.dr.G.J. Abbink
Co-promotor: Dr. S.J.T.M. Evers

18th of September 2015

It is our pleasure to invite you to the Anthropology of Children and Youth Seminar.

The seminar is on Friday 18 September 10.30-12.00, room HG-02A32 (Main Building, note that this is a new location):

How to Survive a Residence Permit? Integration Assessments of Young Refugees (aged 12-23) in the Netherlands Through the Lens of Code-switching


Moos Pozzo, PhD candidate, VU University Amsterdam

Despite the increasing restrictions in European and Dutch national asylum policies during recent decades, the numbers of young refugees are growing rapidly. Research on the lived experiences of their integration processes is primordial and timely. The proposed research focuses on the role of linguistic and cultural code-switching, defined by Molinsky as "the act of switching from one language to another” and “the task of moving between culturally ingrained systems of behavior”. This study analyses the young refugees’ mediation processes and code-switching in their social networks and how this influences their integration processes. The aim is to delineate the personal and societal variables that enhance and/or hamper the emergence of ‘cultural navigators’ who succeed in mediating varied cultural anchorings, position themselves in hybrid ways.

If you are interested in presenting at one of our seminars yourself, please contact the Network chair: Dr Sandra J.T.M. Evers, s.j.t.m.evers@vu.nl

21th of September

Phd defense Palloma Valle Menezes

Date: 21th of September
Time:13.45 hrs.
Location: Aula VU University

Title: Entre o Fogo Cruzado e o Campo Minado

Promotor: Prof.dr. C.G. Koonings
Co-promotor: dr. M.E.M. de Theije

1st of October 2015

Phd defense Annette Jansen

Date: 1st October 2015
Time: 3.45 p.m.
Location: Auditorium VU University

Title: 'Don't let us be bystanders!' Anti-genocide activists and the sacralization of humanity

Supervisor: Prof.dr. Henk Schulte Nordholt

5th of October

Phd defense Dung

Time: 13.45 hrs.
Location: Aula VU University

Title: Experiences of Hmong Women Engaging in Tourism-related Activities in Sa Pa, Northwestern Vietnam

Promotors: Prof.dr. O.J.H.M. Salemink
Co-promotors: dr. M.E.M. de Theije

16th of October

Phd defense Inge Melchior

Tijd: 11.45 uur
Locatie: Aula

Titel: "Guardians of living history: The persistence of the past in post-Soviet Estonia". Mijn promotor is Pál Nyíri, copromotoren: Freek Colombijn en Dienke Hondius. 19 oktober 11:45 uur in de aula van de VU.

Promotor: Pál Nyíri
Co-promotoren: Freek Colombijn en Dienke Hondius

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