5 december 2014

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It is our pleasure to invite you to the Anthropology of Children and Youth Seminar.  

The seminar is on Friday 14 November 13.45-15.15, room Z-007 (Metropolitan building, opposite the main building):

Movingacross languages and learning traditions by Leslie C. Moore, Associate Professor of Teaching & Learning and Linguistics at The Ohio State University and Fulbright Scholar at Universiteit Utrecht.

In this talk I present an overview of my research on the social and cultural patterning of children’s language learning in communities whose members use multiple languages and participate in multiple learning traditions. I examine such patterning in three multilingual African communities. First, I discuss language learning and use in a village in the Mandara Mountains, identifying several features of social life that worked together to reproduce and reinforce norms of multilingualism. Second, I examine Fulbe children’s socialization into Fulfulde, Arabic, and French across secular, religious, and domestic activity settings. Third, I discuss Somali-American children’s experiences of language learning and double schooling (participation in Qur’anic and public schooling). In studying African children’s experiences and developmental trajectories as learners and users of multiple languages across contexts, I seek to expand and deepen our understanding of how everyday practices shape language learning in culturally distinctive ways that may be transformed over time and space.

Could you confirm your participation in the 14 November seminar to us?

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why the world needs anthropologists

Why the World needs Anthropologists

Coming out of the Ivory Tower.

This international symposium attempts to erase the boundary between “pure” and “applied” anthropology, and presents opportunities for establishing long-lasting cooperation between academics and practitioners.

Contemporary demands give us no time to get stuck by internal tensions and divisions within the discipline – anthropologists need to come out of their “ivory towers” and come to terms with the increasingly prominent economic, political and ecological challenges of our world.

The event is free of charge but registration via email is mandatory:, email Meta Gorup (meta.gorup@ugent.be).

Location: Centro Culturale Altinate/San Gaetano, Padua, Italy

The Social and Cultural Anthropology Department is part of the organizing committee.

For more information about the speakers, location etc, click here.


19 January 2015

Promotion Leticia da Luz Tedesco (gastpromotor Michiel Baud, co-promotor Marjo de Theije)

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