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Prof.dr. M. Veenswijk

  • Telephone:+31 20 59 86732
  • Room nr:3a-56
  • E-mail:m.b.veenswijk@vu.nl
  • Unit:faculteit der sociale wetenschappen ( afdeling organisatiewetenschappen )
  • Position:Chairholder Management of Cultural change


Mostly on Tuesdays, or via e-mail.


Marcel B. Veenswijk is professor in Management of Cultural Change. He publishes on cultural change, institutional transformation and innovation processes, especially in the context of public sector organizations. The work of his research group addresses the tensions between institutionalized structures and individual agency, the changing norms in institutional fields, the establishment of newly emerging fields, the break down or cut across institutionalised boundaries and the micro-processes of conflict and identity formation. Veenswijk has been project leader in a large variety of (externally financed) research projects. Recent examples are:
(1) ‘Partners in Business programme’ (2006-2013), focusing on new form of Public-Private collaborations within the context of (international) Megaprojects (with A. van Marrewijk);
(2) ‘Institutional transformation Public Sector Agencies Programme’ (2006-2014), studying the cultural change dynamics of public sector agencies such as The Dutch Civil Corps of Engineers, Kadaster and (several) Dutch Musea;
(3)  NWO ‘Crowdfunding in the Cultural Heritage Sector’ (2013-2017), addressing the motives and consequences of new organizational funding arrangements (with I. Borst, R. Bekkers and B. Vernooij)
(4).  NWO/Prorail, Whole system performance, studying cultural dynamics and innovation processes within the context of infrastructural disruptions,  (with A. van Marrewijk and partners of Erasmus University(2012-2017)


Publications (Source: METIS VU)

Publications 2014

Merkus, S, J.M. de Heer & M. Veenswijk, (2014) Decision-making as performative struggle: Strategic political-executive practices influencing the actualization of an infrastructural development, Journal of Organizational Ethnography, Vol.3, nr.2, pp.224-245

Marrewijk, A.H. van, ,M. Veenswijk and S.Clegg (2014). Changing collaborative practices through cultural interventions. Building Research and Information, vol 42, nr.3, pp.330-342, http://www.tandfonline.com/loi/rbri20

Wieringa, S., F.H. Kamsteeg, R.J. Simons, M. Veenswijk (2014), Teachers making sense of result-oriented teams: A cognitive anthropological approach to educational change, Journal of Educational Change, vol.15, nr.4, pp. 9240-2/9240-30

Merkus, S., M. Veenswijk & J. de Heer, (2014) Framing the zone: political executives engaging in a narrative framing contest during strategic decision-making
, Planning, Practice and Research (in press)

Van Marrewijk, A.H. and M. Veenswijk (in press), Changing Institutional Practices in the Dutch Construction Industry. International Journal of Project Organisation and Management (IJPOM)

Valorisation autumn 2014

6 oktober 2014: M. Veenswijk, Keynote: Nieuwe vormen van organiseren in project partnerschappen: standaardisatie of variëteit? Bunnik,


9 oktober 2014: M. Veenswijk, Keynote: Cultuurverandering in complexe sectoren: Nieuwe werkelijkheid accepteren en adaptief vermogen creëren, ikv Vanenburg Corporatie award 2014; Voorzitter Jury Vanenburg Corporatie Award 2014,


Blombergpresentatie Veenswijk 2014

13 oktober 2014: M. Veenswijk, Noord-Zuidlijn/Dienst Metro ’Kernwaarden en de pijlers van de vernieuwing

29 oktober 2014: M. Veenswijk, Projectorganisatie Schiphol-Amsterdam-Almere: Servant Leadership of Dienend Opdrachtgeverschap in de Polder? 

further information

Winner of the 'Emerald Outstanding Paper Award 2011': Marrewijk, A.H. van, Veenswijk, M.B. & Clegg, S.R. (2010). Ethnographers, clinicians and ethnoventionists. Organising reflexivity in design oriented change programmes. Journal of Organizational Change Management, 23(3), 212-229.

Inaugural lecture Marcel Veenswijk

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