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P.S.C. van Teunenbroek MSc

Maandag - vrijdag


PhD project:
Crowdfunding as the New Philanthropic Funding Method: To Maximize Donation Behaviour in Reward-based Crowdfunding

Promotores: Prof. dr. René Bekkers and Prof. dr. Marcel Veenswijk
Mentor: Dr. Irma Borst

September 2014, I started my PhD researching Crowdfunding, focusing on donation and reward-based crowdfunding in the cultural heritage sector, which can be categorized as philanthropic crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding developed as an alternative financial form in 2006, primarily in the arts and creativity-based industries; e.g., music, film, video games. One of the first crowdfunding platforms was Sellaband; developed in the Netherlands in 2006. Instead of relying on decisions made by the government and a small group of relatively high sophisticated grant providers, the idea of crowdfunding is to use and motivate a large group of individuals (the crowd), where each individual contributes only a little

The project is financed by the NWO, combining the organization sciences and philanthropic department of the VU. Using natural experiments the proposed research studies the conditions that enhance the potential of crowdfunding as a source of income for the cultural heritage sector in the Netherlands; ‘how do characteristics of individual crowdfunders and project characteristics influence donation behaviour in crowdfunding projects?’

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