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Dr. M.T.M. Dijkstra

  • Telephone:+31 20 59 83593
  • Room nr:3a-79
  • E-mail:m.t.m.dijkstra@vu.nl
  • Unit:faculteit der sociale wetenschappen ( afdeling organisatiewetenschappen )
  • Position:University Lecturer


Theme: organizational behavior. Within this theme: conflict and conflictmanagement, individual differences, motivation, well-being.


Conflict and conflictmanagement related to individual and organizational well-being.


Publications (Source: METIS VU)

Recent publications:

  • Dijkstra, M.T.M., Beersma, B., & Cornelissen, R.A.W.M. (in press). The emergence of the Activity Reduces Conflict Associated Strain (ARCAS) model: A test of a conditional mediated model of workplace conflict and employee strain. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology.
  • Dijkstra, M.T.M., Beersma, B., & Evers, A. (2011). Reducing conflict-related employee strain: The benefits of an internal locus of control and a problem-solving conflict management strategy. Work & Stress, 25, 167-184.
  • Van Dierendonck, D., Rodriguez-Carvajal, R., Moreno-Jimenez, B.,& Dijkstra, M. T. M. (2009). Goal integration and Well-Being: Self-regulation through inner resources in the Netherlands and Spain. Journal of Cross Cultural Psychology, 40, 746-760.
  • Dijkstra, M. T. M., De Dreu, C. K. W., Evers, A., & Van Dierendonck, D. (2009). Passive responses to interpersonal conflict at work amplify employee strain. European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, 18, 405, 423.

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